Products and Suitability

The responsibility for determination of suitability of a product for a specific application lies with the customer. Even if we recommend a product as likely to meet your stated need, it is up to the customer to determine if a product will be suitable for it's task. We make no claims as to the suitability of any product for a given application. We assume no liability for issues of any kind arising from the customer's choice of product.

Our products may come from a variety of sources, both domestic and foreign. Beyond coming from various countries, they may also come from different times. Many of our products are manufactured to our specifications (which include, but are not limited to, current IFI standards), but we don't deal in any exotic alloys; most steel products are simply mild steel. For Lag Bolts, this means either C1006 or C1008. For Machine Bolts, the current standard is A307 Grade A, which is close to the older Grade 2 designation.

Some products may come from old warehouse stocks, also known as NOS, for New Old Stock. For example, we have 2 sizes of Square Head Lag Bolts that we purchased in the original wooden kegs, with metal tags indicating a manufacturing date in the early 1970's. Many of our current inventory of slotted Wood Screws, both steel and brass, were manufactured decades ago as well.