Special Orders

Blacksmith Bolt is happy to source hard-to-find fasteners. Keep in mind that we are a small retail distributor, not a manufacturer. We do, however, have an extensive network of distributors that we work with and will do our best to source a product. 

If you need a screw, bolt or rivet that we don't carry, please use our special order and product request form found here:


Be advised that many of the products we sell simply aren't being manufactured anymore. This is especially true of large (#16 up) wood screws.

CUSTOM FINISHES - We work with metal finishers in the Portland area and can offer the following finishes: black oxide, black zinc, nickel plating, zinc plating, gold plating. Many stainless steel fasteners will accept a black oxide finish. We can also have zinc plating stripped. Minimum charge for custom finishes is $50 for black oxide, $100 for nickel plating and $150 for gold plating. We do not currently have a reliable local partner to galvanize fasteners. Please email for more details.

CUSTOM BOLT LENGTHS - We have an old Ridgid pipe threader and can cut many machine and carriage bolts to length. For instance if you need a 5/8"-11 x 13" machine bolt we can cut a 14" bolt down and re-thread it. Minimum charge is $25. Does not apply to lag bolts.

Thank you!